What is Hergeia?

Ladies deserves better care.
If you want to be healthy and confident like a goddess, you need to listen to your body's voice.
Hergeia continues to develop intimate care product lines to help you feel safe, protected, and healthy.

Features of Hergeia

We are continually developing home-based diagnostic products for women.
Convenient home testing, no more waiting, no more embarrasements.
Take care of your health from the comfort of your own home!


Small easy-to-use product provides you with great privacy, and great control


No waiting time, easy to use


Early screening, monitoring anytime


Professional R&D, patented technology

Hergeia - Screening Kit for Vaginal Infections

(TFDA approval No. 006714)
Hergeia understands the discomforts of your private part.

Special pattened blocking design ensures your comfort and safty during testing. Double-notch feature in the front saves you the trouble of making contact with the reagent.
Hergeia understands intimate, personal healthcare and helps you avoid awkward moments and embarrassment. Easy use and easy to read instructions will quickly provide you with confidence, relief, and guidance.

Feel free to leave your comments or questions! We will do our best to satisfy your need.